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   Learning about your needs   

There are many great sources available to learn about tea but there is also a lot of misinformation out there too. So, how do you know what is relevant to you, what is pertinent to your needs and how to acquire it? 

Let me help you design to the point personalized or team training, here in Toronto, remotely, on site or at Origin. And, if you fear that you do not know what you do not know then fill in our contact form with your aspirations; you will be amazed how close this gets us, to what you need! ​

Who needs tea education?

Education is for everyone, irrespective of your position and I have lived your world, rubbed shoulders with you or supplied you and I can help, even if it's just pointing you in the right and best direction.

  • Tea Board

  • Tea Producer

  • Tea Origin representative office

  • Importer

  • Buyer/Blender/Packer

  • Retailer

  • Food service operator

  • Specialty entrepreneur

If you do not relate to one of the above, fill in the form anyway and tell me what you do. If nothing else you will enrich my knowledge of tea.

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