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Selling “Tea”: Be you a Tea Board, a Producer, Packer or Retailer (any channel)

I can help make your values relevant in a B2B or B2C arena.

Tea Evaluation: The basis for success in tea starts with an ability to sensorially evaluate the product; yes, this takes time and an investment in cupping but most people have a palate and can be trained to proficiency.

  • Evaluation of raw materials: Guide to raw material evaluation to improve quality and value

  • Independent quality assessment

  • Competitive analysis

  • Judging and Arbitration

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Tea Sourcing: Right sized procurement strategies and raw material solutions for all applications, including:

  • Beverage applications

  • Extraction (decaffeination, instant powder, concentrate and essence manufacture)

  • Dry blend applications

Tea Blending: This is where the magic happens, like an artist mixing colours, so too the tea blender creates new and vibrant characteristics from those already available in nature. 

  • Build competency in this most important of arts, scientifically, to deliver extraordinary products efficiently

  • Blending constraints and tricks for Loose leaf and teabag grade teas and herbs

  • Flavouring : Types, constraints, application techniques and combinations

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Portfolio Development: Ultimately, your Company’s success and brand equity in tea is down to the range of teas you offer to your customers. The range needs to be relevant, balanced, robust and deliver against the perceived needs state(s) of your target demographic.

  • Assessment of the target audience

  • Comprehensive range coverage without complexity

  • Understanding and introducing balance to your range

Let me work with you to get to the nub of what matters to your business

Tea ambitions within the North American Market:

The North American tea market has been on a very healthy trajectory for the last 20 years, with the focus been clearly on the premium and , specifically, health and wellness segments, while traditional black tea has been on a slow decline. Sounds like there is a lot of opportunity! Well there is but it’s drawn a crowd so, where are the opportunities and how can your proposition stand out and be relevant?

I can help you, whether you are starting up, looking to reach the

next level or have a developed tea program that is not

performing in a retail, hospitality or food service environment.


Some of the pitfalls to success:

  • Values do not resonate with consumers

  • Range does not meet expectations
    of the target audience

  • Packaging and count issues

  • Delivery issues

  • Legislative issues

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What do you know about the requirements under North American law that products must meet?

Have a risk assessment performed on your existing range, from raw material compliance to packaging claims.

Efficient  Procurement:

 l have spent my working life procuring teas direct from Origin but am the first to admit that sometimes this will prove to be a false economy. Having said this, there are ways to have the best of both worlds, direct Producer contact and manageable contract quantities of the right qualities for your business.

Let me help you create a reliable supply chain, tailored for your business needs.